How to Reduce Tax

How to Reduce Tax

Free up your money and reach your financial goals

There are different strategies that may be appropriate to minimise your ongoing tax liability. Whether you’re just starting out, changing careers, or planning retirement, Steel Lake Advisory Services can work with you through different life stages to provide tax financial advice as part of your overall financial plan. We will provide tailored advice and utilise a range of investment vehicles; including superannuation and trusts, establishing a gearing strategy, planning the structure of the investments, to reducing tax for the family in the long term.

Tax Reduction Strategies

Senior Principal, Jace Cordell, has been coaching clients on how to reduce tax for many years and in doing so, has helped an extensive number of people reach their financial goals. At Steel Lake Advisory Services, we’ll show you how to reduce taxable income with the below strategies:

  • Explore tax effective options
  • Salary sacrificing
  • How to reduce tax
  • Advice for high income earners
  • Utilising super and trusts

We are registered with the tax practitioners board to provide tax financial advice, so we’re always looking for appropriate ways to minimise the tax you pay. Not only when building wealth and earning income through your employed years, but tax minimisation strategies are an important part of a retirement plan to get the most out of your investments in the later years in life.  

Make Tax Work For you

We are passionate about helping clients minimise their tax and maximise their wealth. We’ll teach you proactive steps on how to minimise tax and provide tailored advice that meets your personal financial goals.

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