Investment Planning

Investment Planning

Helping you reach financial goals through structured investment planning

Whether you’re looking to reach short term goals, help save for your child’s first home, or perhaps build wealth for your retirement, Steel Lake Advisory Services can recommend a range of investment strategies and products to meet your financial goals. Investment plans can vary considerably and it’s important to match the right plan to your objectives. To successfully determine the best investment strategy for you, we will begin by discussing your needs, objectives, plus any short and long term goals.

Our investment approach is to remain diversified, maximise your wealth, and keep costs to a minimum.

Our Investment Advisors Will Build an Investment Portfolio to Help Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Steel Lake Advisory Services is a comprehensive investment and wealth management company focused on growing your wealth. We understand that your dreams and financials aspirations are unique, and we pride ourselves on developing investment portfolios that are specific to your needs.

An investment portfolio can consist of various types of assets including bonds, shares, managed funds and property. The Financial Investment Advisors of Steel Lake Advisory Services will work with you to determine the correct mix of assets whilst demonstrating the relationship between risk and return.

Our goal is to help you reach your financial goals sooner by investing in the right places and ultimately building a robust investment portfolio. Our well researched strategies offer a wide range of investments and will help you plan confidently for your future. Our financial advisors will recommend and facilitate the appropriate investment vehicle to hold the investment and determine if a gearing strategy is right for you.

Reach Your Goals with Comprehensive Investment Advice

Everyone is unique, and your financial plan should be too. Our financial planning services allow us to design a tailored approach so that you can realise your financial goals sooner.

Life’s really busy now and although retirement is still quite a way off, you want to know that your financial future is secure. This is a time when we can help build on your financial foundations.

How we can help:

  • Set-up a budget to manage your cashflow.
  • Review your insurance arrangements and provide recommendations.
  • Identify investment strategies to help you build a passive income and save for the long term.
  • Make recommendations about your super arrangements including personal contributions, salary sacrifice, co-contributions, and spouse contributions.
  • Advise on strategies to minimise tax.
  • Recommend if you need to create a Will and an estate plan.
  • Succession planning recommendations for your business.
  • Dealing with a redundancy.

Financial Investment Advisors You Can Trust

Steel Lake Advisory Services is not affiliated with any investment product providers and our advisers don’t take any investment commissions, so you can be confident that our recommendations will be in your best interests and tailored to suit your unique financial plan.

Let us help you achieve your financial goals by starting your investment planning today.

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