Frequently Asked Questions on Financial Advice

Frequently Asked Questions on Financial Advice

We answer some of the most commonly raised financial advice questions here

When should I see a Financial Adviser?

The sooner the better. It’s never too early to speak with one of our financial advisers. We meet far too many people that wish they’d had a conversation with an adviser about their financial plan five, ten, even twenty years earlier.

Financial planning is about utilising your resources as best as possible to achieve your goals, whilst ensuring you’re protected from risks. In the early stages of your financial planning journey, it’ll be important to get the foundations right by setting up a budget and cash flow management plan. We’ll also ensure you have adequate risk protection in place through personal insurance and will review your superannuation to make sure it’s invested appropriately.

Throughout your life your income may change and you might change your goals as your family expands. We’ll work with you to plan your investments, helping the kids for their financial future, and make sure you’re utilising your cashflow surplus to build wealth and aim to minimise tax along the way.

Whilst it’s better to start your retirement planning as soon as possible, it’s never too late to see a financial adviser to discuss your retirement plan. Superannuation, tax and social security laws can be very complex to navigate. We’ll recommend the most appropriate solution for you to fund your lifestyle through retirement.  Maximising your income and government benefits, whilst minimising your tax liability.

What is the role of a financial adviser?

The world of investments, tax, superannuation, and social security can be very complex. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. A financial adviser can work with you to tailor a unique plan that helps you best utilise your resources to achieve your goals, whilst ensuring you’re protected from risks. Your best interests are our focus. We can be your personal money coach, your financial educator, and strategist to help you get the best future outcomes.

What is the financial advisor cost to arrange a consultation with Steel Lake Advisory Services?

There is no cost to you for our initial phone call and fact finding consultation. We typically will have an initial phone call with you for up to 15 minutes. This is an introduction to answer some general questions and determine if we can assist with your needs.
We will then arrange a fact finding meeting with you to go into more detail around your current financial position and future objectives. This meeting can run for approximately one hour at no cost to you. At the end of the fact-finding meeting, we will scope the initial advice service you require and quote the financial planner fee to you for the initial advice service. You can make a decision if you’d like to pay the financial advisor fee and proceed with the service or walk away with no cost to you at all.
We provide a transparent flat dollar-based financial advisor fee structure based on the complexity and amount of work involved in the advice service. We do not charge a percentage of asset-based fee.

Can I meet with a financial adviser outside of normal office hours?

We understand that everyone has different work and life commitments. This shouldn’t be an obstacle to possibly one of the most important meetings in your life. So, we offer appointments outside of traditional business hours including late night and on weekends. These after-hours meetings are so popular that they can book out up to a couple of weeks in advance. If you’d like to schedule an appointment after hours, please get in touch for a quick introductory phone call in advance so we can find a time that suits you.

How often should I see a Financial Adviser?

This depends on your unique situation and needs. In general, whether you are on an ongoing advice service package or not, we recommend reviewing your financial position and goals at least once per year. If there are any changes, you should get in touch with your adviser.

If you have a complex portfolio, it may be appropriate to meet more regularly to review your position and make necessary adjustments. However, it’s not just the complexity of your financial position that determines how often you should see a financial adviser.

We offer different levels of ongoing service packages to our clients, and depending on their needs will determine the frequency of meetings from monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually. In some cases, once you have your financial plan in place, you may not need to meet with an adviser for years until your situation changes and you need advice again. Though it’s important to understand that legislation is always changing so we encourage you to check in with an adviser to review your position to ensure you are still utilising your resources as best as possible. Taking into account any changes to your position and legislation over time.

Are you affiliated with any product providers?

Steel Lake Advisory Services and our advisers are not affiliated with any investment product providers. We do not have any of our own products to sell you. As part of the tailored financial advice provided to you, we consider different options and recommend products that will be in your best interest and aimed at achieving your desired outcomes.