Expat Financial Advice and Returning Australians

Expat Financial Advice and Returning Australians

Providing expert, transparent financial advice for expats.

Providing expert, transparent financial advice for expats.

Whether you’re an Australian overseas or an expat in Australia, we understand the unique investment, currency, and tax challenges that need to be considered to achieve the best outcome for your future. At Steel Lake Advisory Services, we specialise in providing rounded financial advice to expatriates, including how to maximise superannuation, minimise tax, along with structured investment advice. 

Our principal and senior financial adviser, Jace Cordell, has spent time in the United Arab Emirates where he gained invaluable experience providing advice to transient clients from all over the world.

Jace understands the diverse international investment and retirement vehicles that you may have and how they could impact your investment and retirement plan in Australia. Living and working abroad for many years, expats and returning Australians prefer Jace Cordell as he truly understands what is required to take financial control of your future. He takes pride in helping expats align their financial goals with what is most important to them.

Tailored advice specific to you, Jace will help determine your tax residency and define the potential implications of it. We can work with your tax and legal professionals within your country of residence as it’s important to consult them prior to acting on any advice.

Experts in Providing Expat Financial Advice

When it comes time to reviewing your financial situation, it’s important you speak to someone who has in-depth knowledge of the international taxation systems. With years of experience helping expats minimise their tax and maximise their investments, Jace offers transparent and honest financial advice and puts your individual goals at the forefront of every decision. These principles of integrity have fostered long lasting relationships with our current expat clients.

Below are some of the ways our team of financial advisors can assist expatriates and returning Australians:

  • Superannuation and pension advice
  • Advice on investments and expat wealth management
  • Minimising tax
  • Helping you with your savings
  • Which insurances to consider
  • Retirement planning

Our skills and financial expertise can help guide your investment decisions, while leaving you in complete in control.

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At Steel Lake Advisory Services, our team of financial planners can provide a complete, transparent online consultation and financial planning service. Our costs are transparent so you know our exact fee before proceeding with financial advice.

We can meet with your preferred method of communication by either phone, video, or in person.

Get in touch with our expatriate financial advisors to discuss your personal situation today.

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